Common opinion among the uninformed is that Nebraska has no trout waters and no place to fish for trout with the possible exception of one of those "pay to play" ponds.  The truth is that there are well over 100 fisheries (both cold water streams and stocked ponds) where Nebraska anglers can fish for trout, many of them open to the public.

 The following chart lists information about these fisheries, whether or not they are flowing streams or still ponds, whether public or private, species you're likely to find there, and location and access notes.

 The chart is a work in progress and will continue to improve as we add more and more pertinent information about the existing fisheries and hopefully also add more.  It will always show the last date of update so you can see if things might have been improved since the last time you looked.

 Hopefully, this chart will help you find and enjoy Nebraska's Trout Fishing.  Your comments or additions and corrections to the chart, are always may send them to the webmaster.

You can find opportunities here.