At long last, our Verdigre Creek project is now a reality. We are partnering with the Nebraska Game & Parks commission to begin the first phase of the Verdigre Creek restoration project.

Nebraska TU chapter members have now completed four separate workdays on the creek. After the initial planning and scouting sessions, work has begun and results are beginning to appear. We hope what we learn here will help to get more involvement through out the state.

The goal of our project is to improve the stream bed by eliminating as much sediment as possible. This is accomplished by several methods. The first would be to divert current away from structure to effect a scouring action. The second would be to create a vortex to direct current to an area. More about how we do this later...

Here is a series of images from the same vantage point along the work area. The first was taken in the middle of march at the beginning of the project. It was targeted at an area that needed a lot of help.

 The next image was taken near the same spot after the installation of boulders to create a rock vortex and the trimming of a dead tree blocking access to the creek.

The final image was taken on May 18th. The rock vortex areas put into the stream bed are really doing their job. The critical fish holding void they created measured about two and a half foot deep. Perfect as a  fish holding area and creating spawning areas.