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Call to Action - Verdigre Creek Project

At long last, our Verdigre Creek Restoration Project has moved past the planning stage into the action phase. Verdigre Creek is located about 20 miles north of Neligh, or 30 miles east of O'Neill, NE. We are recruiting volunteers for the first phase of our project. In cooperation with Game & Parks personnel, we will be preparing downed cedar trees to be used as revetments to be installed in the streambed. We will also be cutting smaller cedars and may also begin installing these ourselves. The goal is to begin the scouring process to reduce sediment and the siltation problems on the creek.

 Our project is slated for the weekend of March 16-17th, 2013. The plan is to have TU710 personnel set up on the creek the day before to coordinate the effort. We will need a total of ten to twelve helpers to complete the first phase.We can accomodate helpers on single days or for the entire weekend. The plan is to secure hotel rooms for those staying both days. We are also planning a cookout and or gathering Saturday evening.

 Volunteers will need to come dressed for the weather, and the potential to get wet. We are also in need of anyone who can bring chain saws. We are also looking for anyone who has a camper they could bring to set up as a HQ for our little operation for the weekend.

 As this will be a TU710 sanctioned project, we have a budget for reimbursement for those who incur costs in this effort. Additionally, hotel costs for Saturday night will be paid for by the chapter, along with the potential cookout.

 With the nature of Nebraska weather as it is, the timing of the project could need to be altered. Our primary goal at this point in time is to secure a base of volunteers we can count on to help out. Continuing updates for volunteers will be posted on the website, and also by email.

 If you would like to volunteer, or simply have questions, please respond to tu710@cox.net, or the contact us tab on the website.

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