Verdigre Creek Start

At long last, TU710 starts on our Verdigre Creek project. Stream Restoration Chair Mr. Bob Johnston and NEGP Regional Fisheries Supervisor Mr. Jeff Schuckman survey a portion of Verdigre Creek. This is the initial planning phase of our ongoing restoration project.

Pictured below two members cut and trim large cedar trees to be used as revetments to direct the stream flow. This will begin the scouring effect needed to start cleaning out suffocating layers of silt.


Call to Action - Verdigre Creek Project

At long last, our Verdigre Creek Restoration Project has moved past the planning stage into the action phase. Verdigre Creek is located about 20 miles north of Neligh, or 30 miles east of O'Neill, NE. We are recruiting volunteers for the first phase of our project. In cooperation with Game & Parks personnel, we will be preparing downed cedar trees to be used as revetments to be installed in the streambed. We will also be cutting smaller cedars and may also begin installing these ourselves. The goal is to begin the scouring process to reduce sediment and the siltation problems on the creek.

 Our project is slated for the weekend of March 16-17th, 2013. The plan is to have TU710 personnel set up on the creek the day before to coordinate the effort. We will need a total of ten to twelve helpers to complete the first phase.We can accomodate helpers on single days or for the entire weekend. The plan is to secure hotel rooms for those staying both days. We are also planning a cookout and or gathering Saturday evening.

 Volunteers will need to come dressed for the weather, and the potential to get wet. We are also in need of anyone who can bring chain saws. We are also looking for anyone who has a camper they could bring to set up as a HQ for our little operation for the weekend.

 As this will be a TU710 sanctioned project, we have a budget for reimbursement for those who incur costs in this effort. Additionally, hotel costs for Saturday night will be paid for by the chapter, along with the potential cookout.

 With the nature of Nebraska weather as it is, the timing of the project could need to be altered. Our primary goal at this point in time is to secure a base of volunteers we can count on to help out. Continuing updates for volunteers will be posted on the website, and also by email.

 If you would like to volunteer, or simply have questions, please respond to tu710@cox.net, or the contact us tab on the website.


Update on East Verdigre Creek Restoration Project

By Bob Johnston

At this date, Mr Jeff Schuckman, Northeast Regional Biology Manager for Nebraska, has informed us that the required 404 permits for stream renovation have been received from the Army Corps of Engineers. Jeff has targeted the third week in March as the completion date for phase one of the program.

Our chapter's involvement in phase one is to trim 18 to 20 twenty foot, felled trees to be used as stream current revetments. However, heavy snow accumulations have put the project temporarily on hold. Plan B is to move the project to the first and/or second week in April.

The best we can do is to co-ordinate the movement as fluidly as possible, We will need volunteers ,with chain saws and the ability to keep their toes in tack, to help trim those trees felled by the NG&P staff. Every attempt will be made to schedule on a timely basis; for the convenience of our volunteers.

Phase two will take place later when volunteers will cut smaller cedar trees, 8-12 feet in length, to be used in current management in shorter runs of the creek.

One note of encouragement, Jeff has informed me his team electroshocked the creek and found a large number of brown trout throughout its reaches... much larger than expectations.  


Upcoming Verdigre Creek Restoration Project

Exciting times are ahead in up-coming 2013 for TU710 and it's members. Partnering with the Nebraska Game & Parks, we will join in a project to enhance stream conditions along the East Branch of the Verdigre Creek in Antelope County.

For a number of years the creek has suffered excessive siltation, greatly reducing trout habitat and spawning sites. Some time after the first of the new year, a call will be put out for chapter members to volunteer in this effort. As plans develop, a succession of notices requesting volunteers will be posted here on our website. Details of each stage of the project will also be part of these notifications.

See you on the creek!

Bob Johnston, TU710 Environmental Projects Chairman


Plum Creek Revetment Project

"Members of TU#710 met at Plum Creek WMA at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 31, 2008 with Andy Glidden of the Nebraska Game & Parks Fisheries Division.  After a brief tour and history of the stream and inspection of a few of the previous revetments placed by the NGPC last year, the group was divided into two work parties.

    One group, armed with a sledgehammer, jack, a chain and several branch loppers set off upstream from our starting point to inspect the revetments, which were built by NGPC last year.  If the work had been successful and resulted in a well established sand bar with good vegetation, the fence post anchoring the downed cedar tree which formed the revetment was removed or, if not possible, pounded deep into the bank.  Then branches above the streambed were removed.  There was also a good bit of clean up of branches to provide adequate paths for stream access and areas of open fishing.  Mike Sonderman, the TU #710 project leader for this endeavor, led this group. 

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