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Board/Membership Meeting 7PM Tuesday September 26th

We will have a regular chapter board meeting at 7 PM on Tuesday September 26th at the Papio-Missouri NRD Building at Wehrspann Lake/Chalco Hills Recreation Area. Offically it is a board meeting, but  members are welcome to attend and talk over the issues that arise.  Primary work will be hearing from our nominating committee about nominees for offices to be elected at the October 24 meeting and making a decision to forward a bylaws amendment to the membership limiting the number of successive terms without a break for board members. The idea would be to open up positions to new faces.

We'll also make final plans for a fishing outing to Dr. Schlichtemeier's pond on Sunday October 15th. If past visits are any guide many fish will be caught and much fun will be had by those who come out.

After the business meeting is over we generally go to the Choo Choo Bar & Grill, 14240 U (off Millard Avenue) for socializing.

Please do come and participate or drop by for drinks thereafter!

A map to the meeting location is at:


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