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Tuesday November 28, 7PM - Annual Meeting & Elections

Tuesday November 28, 7PM. Chalco Hills NRD Building

Election of Officers & Board:

As reported in an earlier email we have nominees for all the open TU 710 offices except for that of president. We are still working on that and would welcome nominees from the membership. Further nominations will be taken from the floor during the meeting if anyone has them.  We will report any such nominees to the membership in an email and give people not at the meeting time to vote by email if they wish. The nominees currently are:

Vice President: Rich Keuchel (1st 1 year term)

Treasurer: Dave Jacobs (3rd 1 year term)

Secretary: Rodney Schwartz (2nd 1 year term)

Board Member (3 year term): Lindsey Chizinski

Board Member (3 year term): Aaron Miller

Both Lindsey and Aaron would be new to the board. Aaron has been active in the chapter especially connected with our work with veterans, and Lindsey until recently worked as a Fisheries Biologist with Nebraska Game and Parks working in youth education and overseeing Trout in the Classroom.

Bylaws Amendments:

Also we have some minor bylaw amendments we hope to pass at the meeting on a recommendation from the chapter board. You can find them at mvr1.com/TUminutes/TU710amendments2017.pdf . The amendments are in red. They mainly clarify the term of the immediate past president, raise the dollar amount at which the president must sign checks, and make explicit that we allow absentee voting in chapter elections.

The Annual meeting will be at our usual location at the NRD Building At Wehrspann Lake/Chalco Hills in Omaha. A map to the meeting location is at: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Papio+Missouri+River+Nrd/@41.170976,-96.155677,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf4532f4b45e88587 .


Mark van Roojen

TU 710 chapter president


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