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Welcome to the Website of Nebraska's T.U. Chapter #710

TU 710 Receives $5,000 Embrace-A-Stream Grant

for Dry Spotted Tail Creek near Mitchell NE

March 2016 - Our chapter has just received received a grant of $5,000 through the Trout Unlimited national Embrace-A-Stream grant program. Volunteers from the chapter, working in cooperation with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC), Platte River Basin Environments (PRBE) and Ducks Unlimited, will use the funds to complete the planning stage of a restoration project on Dry Spotted Tail Creek where it flows into the North Platte River in Scotts Bluff County.  The project will improve trout habitat in the stream running through land owned by PRBE and in the process raise the water table, recharge a nearby wetland and restore an overgrazed section of prairie. In addition to providing trout habitat and improving water quality, the project will improve conditions for resident wildlife and migratory birdsSee the full press release here.

About Nebraska TU

Nebraska's TU chapter, TU 710 is a growing force in the quest for cold water habitat preservation and restoration in our state. Currenty our chapter covers the whole state. We will soon spin off a sister chapter centered in the Nebraska Panhandle, to be known as the "Chasing Rainbows" chapter.The existing chapter has provided seed money and if all goes well that chapter should be up and running by this Summer.  For more info see our page devoted to that chapter.

We hope to use this site to inform you about our past, present and especially future activities in support of our goals. Current activities include working with Nebraska Game and Parks on cold water habitat restoration, and on fishing education. Our members regularly volunteer to teach both children and adults to fish, and help them learn about fish and the larger ecosystem of which they are a part. We provide seed money and continuing support for the Trout in the Classroom curriculum at schools around the state. This program teaches young people about the importance of clean and healthy water while giving them hands on experience raising fish in a controlled environment. Our chapter provided materials and labor for habitat improvement projects at Verdigre Creek in 2013, and we hope to work again with Game and Parks on their planned cold water habitat program starting this summer.  We have also embarked on a partnership with Project Healing Waters to make restorative fishing opportunities available to injured and disabled veterans. This project has been met with much enthusiasm and we expect it to grow rapidly.

TU represents our common interest in preserving an environment in which fish and fisheries can thrive.  Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have diverse views on many matters, but we all agree that our natural environment is worth protecting and that healthy fisheries are a common asset worthy of preservation.

You’ll find information about our upcoming events on our calendar.  We’d love to meet you at one of them.

Mark van Roojen,
T.U. 710 Chapter Secretary