TU 710 Meeting Notice: Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The September TU710 membership meeting will be held at our usual meeting location at Wehrspan. We will be meeting in the board room on the main level of the NRD building.

 Each year at the September meeting we hold elections for the Officers and Board Members of Nebraska Trout Unlimited (TU#710).  As a member of TU#710 you are most welcome to nominate another member or yourself for an Officer or Board position.   Nebraska TU is blessed with over 400 members statewide, but, as with many organizations, only a small number of individuals are active participants in the organization.  Perhaps many of you joined simply to support your sport with a few dollars that you spend for membership.  Others have a desire to become more involved, or meet others who share their passion for fishing, fly-fishing or cold water habitats.  Whatever your particular situation, becoming more involved has many side benefits…sharing fishing experiences and places to fish with those who share your passion, active involvement in stream restoration or education, or staying current with legislative or political issues which impact our streams or water quality.  Those who serve TU#710 in leadership positions have been involved for several years.  It is high time for some of us to step aside and allow others to lead us forward.

The positions which are up for election this September are the four Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and two of the 6 Board positions, plus a single Board position to replace an individual who has moved out of state.  The Officers are elected annually, after serving a maximum of three consecutive terms.  Board Members are elected for three-year terms, with two Board positions elected each year.

Duties are as follows:

President: preside at all meetings, conduct business and be the primary spokesperson for the Chapter.

Vice President: act in absence of President and act as Membership Chair.

Secretary: Record meeting minutes and maintain the records of the Chapter.

Treasurer: Keep the financial records of the Chapter and make all monetary deposits and pay all bills.  In addition, the Treasurer and President complete the Annual Financial Report (AFR) for TU National each year.

Board Members: attend monthly meetings and vote on motions brought before the Board.  In addition, various Board Members or Officers serve in various positions of leadership, such as Stream Restoration Chair, Education Chair, Marketing Chair, Web Master, Legislative Chair, Fishing Trip Coordinator, Banquet Chair, etc.   Any member of the Chapter can also hold these leadership positions.

Our 2014 Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, September 23rd at the Papio-Missouri River NRD Bldg. at Chalco Hills.  Please plan to attend.  Also, please consider contacting one of the members of the Nomination Committee to add your name to the nominations or to nominate a fellow member for one of the open positions.  Your vote for our leadership is important.

Nomination Committee: Bob Johnston (bobjohnston1@cox.net)

                                    Bill Schlichtemeier (flyfishfun@juno.com)

                                    Mike Sonderman (mmsondo@cox.net)

Yours truly,

Gene Kathol

Secretary, Nebraska Trout Unlimited


Our meeting starts at 7:00 for this event. We start with a short Board meeting, and will then procede to our elections. Our program will be a discussion of the Steele Creek situation, our Nebraska Environmental Trust Grant Application for Spotted Tail Creek, and the NEW Western Nebraska Chapter.


David Jacobs

Chapter 710 President